Undressed Teapot and Tea set


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The Undressed Tea Set and Teapot is designed by Esther Horchner and will surprise you with cleverly illustrated girls on the inside of each tea cup. This special offer set comes with a matching undressed Tea Pot. The bathing girls appear to Take a Bath or swimming in tea, when you fill the cups. Their clothing seems to be left outside the cup, on the surface of the saucers and spoons. You can ‘dress’ the bathing girls with the clothing on the tea spoons, so the nude girls don’t have to bathe au naturel. The Tea Set consists of 4 different cups, saucers and spoons. Each teacup is crafted finely from white glazed porcelain, with a black transfer drawing and is handmade by artisans.

Designed with strong attention to details and with materials of high quality, this set will become your favorite one. It has a minimal and clear line and it therefor easily combines with the rest of your tea accessories, regardless their style!

Presented in a gift box, this Undressed Tea Set makes a wonderful gift idea for any occasion.

Esther: “I collect all sorts of porcelain cups, plates and vases and I had the desire to once design a Tea Set with my own illustrations. I wanted to use the shape of the cups as something to underline the feeling of enjoyment of hot tea; in this case the cups became small hot tubs for the bathing girls. I think good design makes you smile; you have to be touched by either it’s refinement or a little twist.”

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Product details

Special offer: tea set + teapot together

Material: white glazed porcelain with transfer decoration

Contains: 4 different cups, 4 different saucers, 4 different spoons and a teapot with lid

Product dimensions: Ø 10 x H 6 cm &  Ø 15 x H 16 cm

Designer: Esther Horcher of Studio Het Paradijs

Packaging: cardboard gift box

Designer: Esther Hörchner