About us


‘Het Paradijs’ (means ‘The Paradise’) was founded by three illustrators; Els ten Klooster, Esther Hörchner and Maaike Burgers. Het Paradijs is an illustration shop and design studio. All of our products are designed in our studio, where our line drawings are crafted by hand. Our work is known for it’s detail, delicacy and playful character. In our store and webshop you’ll find unique illustrations, refined porcelain, special socks and beautiful postcards. We also sell our favorite drawing materials and stationary, so you can get started yourself! Besides designing our products, we also work on assignment basis. Have a look at our portfolio on our website or contact us.



Esther Hörchner

“I like handlettering, whether that’s in a drawing, on a window or package, typography is a big passion!”






Els ten Klooster

I’m the ‘minimalist’ of the team and patience is my middle name. I can spend hours on drawing the perfect pattern…”






Maaike Burgers

“I love to draw rabbits, when I draw a cat it even looks like a rabbit. So they jump around in many illustrations throughout the studio.”







“I’m the tiniest member of the crew, but the ‘lead singer’ of the studio! I often appear in the illustrations, I guess I’m a big inspiration. Every day at four o’clock, when I’m at work, it’s time for my daily snack. Then I alert my crew members by giving them a ‘high five’ to let them know I’m ready for it!”





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