About us

We are the designers of ‘Het Paradijs’ (means ‘The Paradise’); Esther, Els en Maaike. Together we founded an illustration studio in Arnhem that we have been running for over more than ten years. In our studio we design our own products that we sell in our store and webshop and we work on various assignments.

All our illustrations start with a drawing on paper with pen, pencil or paint. Our drawings are refined, light and humorous.

Do you need a new corporate identity or logo design, a personal illustration or any other illustrative
expression? In our studio we welcome our customers for a personal meeting, to discuss a design that surprises!

Part of ‘Het Paradijs’ is our label “Mini Paradise”, with all the best of ‘Het Paradijs’ especially for the litlle ones! Are you looking for an original birth announcement or a special maternity gift? We have a collection of hand drawn birth announcements, pillows and sheets that you can personalize with your own name. For more information, visit www.mini-paradise.com or visit our shop!

Do you want to know more about us? Follow us on social media or visit us in our studio and shop in Arnhem to meet us and to take a look behind the scenes!



Esther Hörchner

“I like handlettering, whether that’s in a drawing, on a window or package, typography is a big passion!”






Els ten Klooster

I’m the ‘minimalist’ of the team and patience is my middle name. I can spend hours on drawing the perfect pattern…”






Maaike Burgers

“I love to draw rabbits, when I draw a cat it even looks like a rabbit. So they jump around in many illustrations throughout the studio.”






“I’m the tiniest member of the crew, but the ‘lead singer’ of the studio! I often appear in the illustrations, I guess I’m a big inspiration. Every day at four o’clock, when I’m at work, it’s time for my daily snack. Then I alert my crew members by giving them a ‘high five’ to let them know I’m ready for it!”





Mini Paradise

Especially for the little ones we created a kids label, ‘Mini Paradise’.
This is where everything comes together; our love for illustrating and designing sustainable products that last a lifetime.
A unique birth announcement to welcome your baby or an original maternity gift.
Mini Paradise has a selection of beautiful birth announcements drawn by hand, as well as cushions, baby sheets and textile banners that can be customized with your own name.
The best handmade prints by Het Paradijs for the little ones!


At present, our studio is based in Arnhem, the Netherlands. This is our workplace and shop.



Thursday 11:00 – 17:00

Saturday 12:00 – 17:00